The emulsion contains a mixture of lipophilic and hydrophilic extracts, macerates and extracts from selected varieties of cannabis and several other herb species. It has a liquid component (oil) and a solid component (ground herbs).

When the glass is standing still, the solid component settles at the bottom of the glass where it can form a relatively stiff deposit on standing for a long time. Prior to use, the pellet should be mixed in oil to give an as homogeneous, emulsion-free emulsion at the bottom of the glass as possible. The best way to achieve this is to open the glass with the sediment and mix the contents thoroughly with a sufficiently firm spoon. This procedure has the advantage that the mixture will not be deposited on the lid and therefore will not drip when the glass is opened (this will occur if you use the glass as a "shaker").Consume the mixed emulsion according to your needs - the most common dosage is one dose of 2 - 3 ml (about one teaspoon) in the morning and one dose in the evening during meals in the first month of using Cannasan, followed by one dose a day for the next period (1 to 2 months). Depending on individual needs, the dose can be adjusted in both directions - but it does not make sense to exceed two doses per day.

The emulsion should be stored in a refrigerator.


Carefully open the bottle cap as the oil contained in the mixture may drip off the cap and, for example, stain your clothing. Since the product contains natural dyes from used plants, there is a risk of soiling your clothes, which may be difficult to wash.