Cannasan emulsions are packed in 200 ml transparent PET cups sealed with an inductively welded aluminum foil followed by a screw cap with a soft inlay. All materials used are food storage approved.

This type of packaging was chosen because of the fact that most products are distributed through transport services and it was necessary to choose a packaging that ensures as tight a tightness as possible during transport.

The package has the following advantages:

  • is lightweight
  • meets the requirements of carriers - some carriers do not allow the transport of glass containers due to possible breakage
  • the space inside the package is hermetically sealed - the content is thus protected against contamination by dirt and ensures perfect tightness of the package
  • aluminum foil serves as an indicator that the content has not been tampered with during transport
  • packaging is recyclable.

However, the high tightness of the packaging is also a disadvantage when storing the packaged product. Although the product is pasteurized prior to packaging, some chemical processes are existing in the mixture even after pasteurization, which produce a small amount of carbon dioxide (CO2). The leaking gas in tight packing pushes on the aluminum foil, which stretches and inflates. It is not a sign that the mixture spoils, but a completely natural and desirable phenomenon. Yet, we recommend storing the packaging in a cool environment (ideally in a refrigerator).