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Miracle Plants s.r.o. is the distributor of Czech food supplements Cannasan. These are completely natural preparations that can help to improve the health condition and life force of all people - both healthy and sick - through the action of substances contained in cannabis and other different medicinal plants. These products are deprived of the cannabis component called THC - they do not have psychoactive effects!

You can get more detailed information about Cannasan products at the web pages of the following companies (currently in Czech only):

All products offered by this e-shop are approved as food supplements by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic.

Page dedicated to questions

We have created a new page where we will present the questions of you, our customers, together with our answers to these questions.

The link to the page can be found in the bottom menu at the end of each page in the ADVICE CENTER section in the item called FAQ.

Change of loyalty program

The launch of the new e-shop has to be accompanied with the change of our loyalty program so that it is compatible with the platform on which the new e-shop runs.

New loyalty system rules can be found here.

Launch of the new e-shop

New e-shop of Miracle Plants s.r.o. was launched on 4.9.2019.

The reason for this step was insufficient possibilities for localization of the e-shop in various languages and insufficient possibilities of serving customers in a larger number of countries. The new solution should completely eliminate these problems.

We hope you will be satisfied with the new solution.